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Published by Edimedia in France, the first edition of the “Cahiers du Cheval Arabe” came out at the end of November 2002. The launch was organised to happen around the same date as the Arabian World Championships in Paris. It was a great opportunity for horse lovers to discover the bimonthly magazine, which was available in the Arabian village at the Championships.

A team of specialised journalists write stories covering many different aspects of the world of Arabian horses. The goal was to tell the world how utterly compelling it is to breed or to engage in the different sports in the world of Arabian horses.

Professionals, as well as amateurs, greeted our arrival with warmth and support and we continue to report and visit the different events with enthusiasm.

The magazine has naturally evolved to remain close to its readers and in 2011 we added an online version to the magazine via
In 2018, we are going digital and are saying goodbye to the print version. The online version, which will also be in English, will be free to consult by everyone.

All of our old print editions will continue to be available online at

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