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The “Raid Yvelines Al Shaqab Cup”, which is the traditional international rendezvous for Endurance riders and took place on the 2 and 3 of May at Rambouillet, is supported by the Qatari stable Al Shaqab, partner of the CEI***. It is a very favourable partnership as the Enduro Cheval association, which negotiated the partnership, provided an existing platform and hence was able to use the financial aid to optimise the organisation of the 2014 edition, which made this CEI*** available for national selection in view of the World Games. It also organised a CEIYR**, a race for the under 21s and part of the selection races for the 2014 European Championships, as well as a CEI** and two CEI*.


And the optimization certainly pleased all of the 152 riders (including 127 in the CEI from Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Ireland, Great Britain, Holland, England, Switzerland, Italy...), as well as the spectators, exhibitors and institutional partners like the Yvelines General Council, the Rambouillet town, the Regional Council of the Paris area, the French Equestrian Federation and all the towns and villages who were part of the track.


Apart from the tracks that had received a massive downpour on the day before the CEI*** and an unexpected traffic jam at the assistance tent in the Sonchamp village, the events took place in the best possible conditions, on the organisational as well as on the climate front. Riders and assistants appreciated the two dinners offered by Enduro Cheval, as well as the rock concert by Les Luciolles, that went on well into Saturday night.




Raid Yvelines Al Shaqab Cup – CEI*** (Friday 2 May – start 5h30)


44 runners / 20 finished / 24 eliminated


1st : Emilie Lambert (FRA) on Ekstrem Font Noire


Average speed 17,63Km/h – race time 9h04m21s


2nd : Sandrine Lance (FRA) on Samba de l’Ile


Average speed 17,63Km/h – race time 9h04m22s


3rd :Tiphaine Léon (FRA) on Natifao de Bozouls


Average speed 17,61Km/h – race time 9h05m02s


CEI* (Friday 2 May – start 7h00)


16 runners / 11 finished / 5 eliminated


1st : Pierre Auffret (FRA) on Shakim


Average speed 17,34Km/h – race time 5h15m28s


2nd : May Manifacier (FRA) on Birmany Font Noire


Average speed 17,16Km/h – race time 5h18m45s


3rd : Axelle Lagier (FRA) on Semillah Kerbalah


Average speed 17,16Km/h – race time 5h18m46s


CEI** (Saturday 3 May – start 6h30)


25 runners / 15 finished / 10 eliminated


1st : Ahmed Salim Mohamed Al Hamdani (OMA) on Kilim de Fignols


Average speed 18,52Km/h – race time 6h41m20s


2nd : Grégoire Tilquin (FRA) on Nafa de Bozouls


Average speed 18,52Km/h – race time 6h41m26s


3rd : Céline Courtin (FRA) on Soumaya du Parc


Average speed 15,14Km/h – race time 8h11m05s


CEIYR** (Saturday 3 May – start 7h30)


25 runners / 13 finished / 12 eliminated


1st : Camille Coulomb (FRA) on Omega de Suleiman


Average speed 17,69Km/h – race time 7h00m14s


2nd : Lena Payen (FRA) on Lollypop des Eymes


Average speed 17,68Km/h – race time 7h00m15s


3rd : Nina Lissarrague (FRA) on Oshamette de Paute


Average speed 17,66Km/h – race time 7h00m49s


CEI* (Saturday 3 May – start 8h00)


17 runners / 13 finished / 4 eliminated


1st : Philippe Tomas (FRA) on El Sick


Average speed 17,21Km/h – race time 5h17m53s


2nd : Sandrine (FRA) on Laska de Fignols


Average speed 17,21Km/h – race time 5h17m54s


3rd : Sylvain Leborgne (FRA) on Derrom Saran


Average speed 16,93Km/h – race time 5h23m12s

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